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SEO is not dead, and it is not going anywhere soon. In fact, there is a lot that SEO does for your site besides bring traffic – which means a lot more reasons to invest in it! I have compiled a list of my top reasons to invest in SEO and what else it brings you; read on to be convinced!

1. SEO is a cost-effective strategy

Compared to the costs associated with other forms of online advertising, such as PPC advertising, social media marketing, or purchasing leads for an email marketing program, SEO ranks as excellent in terms of ROI. This is because it is affordable, customizable to your exact needs and budget, and has the ability to land consistent and effective results. When done correctly, SEO can land you nonstop organic traffic that would cost a tremendous amount of money if it was a paid campaign.

2. SEO improves user experience

Search engines prefer sites that are optimized for mobile users, have good user ratings (high time on site, low bounce rates), and cleanly integrate useful videos or photos. If you have perfected your SEO, you have automatically improved your user experience. Your users will thank you in increased time on site, better brand loyalty, and a higher conversion rate!

3. Higher conversion rates

This one is common sense. If someone comes to your site through a Google search and stays on your site to read an article or shop around, when the popup for giving their contact information comes up, the visitor is already primed to give it to you! Unlike if you were cold-calling them, they are actively seeking out your service. Capitalize on this by providing a certain amount of free content, and offering to unlock other white papers or templates with a sign-up to your newsletter.

4. Higher ranking in local searches leads to greater visits and sales

Most customers now will look for a business online, even if they are searching for one in their neighborhood. It is incredibly convenient: they can search for specific products, read reviews of businesses, purchase online, or find directions and hours. According to Google, fifty percent of customers who searched locally visited the store on the same day. With a strong SEO strategy in place, you can be the store they visit – digitally or in person!

5. Your competitors are doing it

Yes, it is that simple. Everyone else is doing it, and if you do not – you will be left behind! Even if you have reached top rankings on the search results page, that does not mean you can stop optimizing. Your rivals are continually upping their game, and that requires more work on your part to maintain your status. If you ignore it, you are giving business away to your competition.

6. Better SEO = more credibility

Being higher in the SERPs does not just lead to more visits. It also makes you look like a key player in your industry. Showing up in the second or later pages leads customers to assume that you are a new business, that you do not have a marketing budget to work with SEO, or that you are not very well known. Being on the second or lower search results pages means virtually no search visibility.

7. SEO is less hands-on than other marketing techniques

While there are other methods of inbound marketing that have similar effectiveness, like social media or email marketing, they are all hands-on methods that require constant attention. With SEO, once you have optimized it, you can basically sit back, relax, and wait for your site to climb in the rankings. If you have structured your SEO around compelling content and specific keywords, you will likely reap the benefits of that hard work without having to update constantly.

Keeping a competitive edge in your market is a multi-pronged approach. Although SEO can be confusing, putting in the time to lay your groundwork pays off in the long run. As I said before, SEO is not going anywhere, so adding it to your marketing roster is a must.