Simply Translate is specialised in providing translations for online business. We therefor frequently subjects relating to translations and being successful in running an online business.

It is impossible or at least hardly doable for any professional company to achieve success in foreign markets without translating the external communication into other languages. External communication consist of for instance advertising, newsletters, brochures, web content, social media posts and other marketing related content. When intending to enter new markets you should consider translating your external communication into the language(s) of your target country or countries.

While having your external communication in English you may ask ‘Why?’, as ‘so many Internet users speak English nowadays’. Even though the latter is true, it does not mean that you should not care about the other languages your recipients speak. After all, English is the native language to only 30 percent of all Internet users.

The need to understand what you buy

As you want your product or service to be attractive to potential customers you probably put a lot of effort into increasing traffic and conversion rate at your website or webshop. What you might not know, is that as much as 75 percent of Internet users prefer to read web content in their native language. Even if your potential customers know English or French, they still prefer a website that is translated into their own language.

Moreover, it has also been proven that most of the visitors do not make an online purchase if a website or webshop is not available in their native language. Hence, people do not buy what they do not understand! This is of extra importance when offering pricey products or services. With high value purchases consumers want to be even more assured about making a payment, the return possibilities and warranty than in case of low value purchases.

You only make first impression once

When consumers read your external communication, for example your website or webshop, it can cause several reactions. They might be interested, have a neutral opinion, dislike it or even criticize the external communication.

To make a good first impression and to lead people to your product or service you should have a precise translation into their native language. Why? Do you remember a website with bad translation or with language related mistakes? It is very likely that your answer is positive. You probably also remember that this kind of website did not seem trustworthy to you and you quickly navigated to another website. That is exactly why you should already know that creating a good first impression is crucial to convince potential customers to choose your product or service instead over the ones of the competitor.

Five characteristics of a good external communication translation

Knowing that if you want to reach foreign clients you should use their native language, you finally decided to have your external communication translated into other language(s). How to start? We have created a practical set of rules that will help you to build trust among the potential customers in foreign countries:

#1 Target Language

First decide into which language(s) you want to translate your external communication. You can best start with translation into one or two of languages first and then have your communication translated into multiple languages.

#2 Choose carefully

Remember you do not need to translate all your external communication. You can choose to translate descriptions of best-selling products or services and the related advertising content only.

#3 Be productive

Use the most productive type of translation, like for instance Human Automated Translations. This prevents you from having to pay for the same text twice, and allows you to have a native proofread your text.

#4 Do not forget social media

When translating product or service descriptions and basic information about your company, do not forget to include the social media content. Potential customers like to see that your social media account is active and foreign potential clients have higher tendency to respond to your Facebook or Twitter activity in their native language.

#5 Include reviews & comments

Want to go all in? Then opt to also translate customer reviews and blog comments. No less than 70 percent of online consumers were found to trust reviews and messages of other online customers.

We are proud to announce that Simply Translate has chosen Toronto, Canada, as location of its second office! As a thriving young translation company we want to be close to our markets and be a local partner to our customers worldwide. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce Simply Translate to our Canadian readers.

Simply Translate is a fully digital Translation Company found in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 2013. Experienced entrepreneur Jeroen van Benten and communication specialist Milou Buiter wanted to create an innovative online translation company. Since they both grew up in the Netherlands, where 90 percent of the citizens speak English and 60 percent speak German, the Simply Translate founders were introduced to foreign languages in their early years.

Our team

Jeroen is a self-starter who successfully founded several businesses. Besides translation services, he is an expert in labor market intermediation. His main role in the company is to take care of the business development and optimization of the cooperation with the network of translators. Milou, who has a background in marketing and communication, is the word wizard of the company. She speaks five languages fluently and is a freelance copywriter. Within Simply Translate her main focus is daily management, contact with the clients, development of the company’s vision and strategy, and converting those into operational objectives. Along the process of creating Simply Translate, Jeroen and Milou have been driven by the willingness to offer to customers professional translation services at the lowest price possible.

In 2014, talented programmer Dennis Rosenbaum joined Simply Translate. Together, the three started working on an innovated computer-assisted tool which makes translation process faster and more precise than other translation programs. Thanks to this tool, Simply Translate has provided translations for more than 400 clients, including businesses and private clients.

O Canada!

Why Canada?, you might think. The idea to enter the Canadian market has been natural to us as one of Simply Translate’s founders has Canadian roots. Being familiar with the culture and the thorough knowledge of the Canadian market helped us to choose Toronto as the location of our second office. Moreover, we feel that Canada is a great potential market for Simply Translate. Through our unique offer we want to assure you that you will get the most precise translation for the best price.

Innovative translation tool

Creation of our own innovative translation tool is key to our success. Because of the tool, the exchange of the translatable web content between you and our translators is exceptionally efficient.

The tool can be installed for free and you can use it right away to add web content that needs translation. We constantly work on improving our translation process to be able to offer you the easiest and flawless translation process possible. Naturally, you can also send us your documents by e-mail.

Experienced translators

Our translation agency provides high-quality translations due to our collaboration with experienced and approved translators from all over the world. Simply Translate only works with native speakers or freelance translators with appropriate and extensive linguistic education.

Our translations

With Simply Translate, you can be sure of a 100 percent human translation of your documents, texts or websites. Some of the most common translations we provide are business, legal, travel, technical and correspondence translations. You can also ask as for a certified translation or for instance a birth certificate, contract, diploma or immigration document.